Westminster Hall Shop

Christmas Trees,

Located at the Houses of


I worked for Brighton props (a new prop making company I set up in September 2013 - currently a supplier to shops associated with the House of Commons) On a number of Christmas trees - totaling 68 for the 3 shops associated with the Houses of Parliament.
The following shops had the trees on display

- The Parliamentary Book Shop
- Westminster Hall Shop
- Members Shop

I worked on this project from start to finish - from creating an image which could be used as a .DXF file for CNC cutting to arranging all materials (including printing) sanding, painting and wall papering. The trees are made from a 18mm MDF they are based in 3 height groups - 25cm, 50cm and 75cm and in 3 different coloured wall papers.

The wall paper pattern was taken from a wall paper which features a lot around the Houses of Parliament.

The trees were then placed around products for sale within the shops and featured in window and cabinet displays.
The images below were taken at the Westminster Hall shop.